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Our partners are corporate sponsors, beneficiaries or affiliates licensed to deliver quality services through highly trained and certified individuals.

Benefits MIRAR offers it's partners

MIRAR offers a partnership opportunity for businesses. This is a great way for you to get to know us, provide program participants with resources to secure their future, and produce career-ready graduates poised for professional success.

  • The opportunity to establish a strong pipeline of diverse talent
  • Increased brand visibility through signage used on MIRAR website and social media accounts
  • Your participation in MIRAR’s events and more!

Your business' commitments

Social Media Activities

Retweet, share, comment, mention MIRAR’s Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts (MIRAR) as much as possible to boost visibility.

Share Opportunities

Let MIRAR know of any employment, internship/micro-internship, and networking opportunities for its graduates and program participants.

Connect MIRAR

Connect MIRAR to relevant/interested contacts for other sponsorship, partnerships, and volunteer opportunities.


Be a Mentor
Present a Workshop/Breakout Session
Attend a Networking Event

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