Certified Risk Management System Implementer

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Risks are naturally inherent in the delivery of any business services. It is therefore important for organizations to implement a comprehensive and rigorous approach to risk management.

MIRAR delivers applicable content that will help to achieve personal career objectives and make an impact on the bottom line of participants' institutions. This 3-month part-time certification course matches individual schedules. It is up to the participant when and where to study. This allows balancing a busy workload and family obligations with an intellectually stimulating program.

Course Summary

MIRAR's Certified Risk Management System Implementer is a designation for professionals who are actively involved in risk management, strategic planning, corporate governance, project management, controls, auditing, and business consultancy.

The program covers the most relevant topics in the area of managing the most important categories of risks. The financial institutions face in their operations (credit, market, liquidity, interest rate and operational risk). Program will cover such important notes and other risks as legal, reputational, strategic risk and profitability.?

ISO31000 Risk Management

ISO 31000 Risk Manager training enables you to gain comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental principles, framework and process of Risk Management.

Risk Analytics

Learn and practice the main principles and techniques in quantitative risk analysis, and understand risk and uncertainty and improve decision-making.

Integrated Risk Management

Implement a strategic approach to integrating risk management practices that can be applied to policy development, planning, reporting, operations and decision-making.

  • Hold at least a bachelor's degree
  • Possess at least two years of experience in fields related to risk management, audit, controls, corporate governance, and project management.
  • Complete a 30-hour training program of MCRME from accredited providers.
  • Pass one-hour examination by answering at least 70% of the questions correctly.
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MIRAR CRME Certification


MIRAR: Certified Risk Management Expert


3 months


Certified Risk Management Expert

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