The Simplest Risk Management Tool You Will Ever Use

Risk management is not rocket science (at least at the outset and depends on your organization’s maturity level). What a good risk management program needs to do is to ensure the right risks are reported and decisions can be made in an informed manner. Our risk management system (RMS) simplifies the process and let’s you reap the benefit in no time.

A good RMS allows not only an overview of all risks in the organization, but also provides an interactive approach and active participation in the risk assessment and management process.

Forget the archaic and rigid risk-register-centric method for risk databasing and reporting.

Flexible, online access reduces time and complexities, and a user-friendly interface that performs much like a social platform, encouraging interaction, improving engagement, and increasing risk awareness throughout the organization would be ideal.

Collaborative Sessions

Risks are managed throughout the organization and need an efficient way for incorporating active feedback from risk owners and all stakeholders.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive online dashboards enable teams to identify risks and collaborate on treatments, all in realtime.

Visual Reports

Customize your reports in highly visual, easy to understand format for anyone in the organization, from the ground floor to the board.

Ease of Migration

Transition from your existing risk management system easily. Our data import function walks you through the migration so you can get started quickly.

Risk Escalation and Delegation

Enables users to link risks at different hierarchy levels and display those relationships in a dashboard to streamline risk process across business functions and risk groups.

Automatic Alerts

Receive automatic alerts when there are any changes to critical risks, sent directly to mobile phone, email, or preferred contact method.

Managing risk databases through traditional methods, particularly coordinating tasks using Microsoft Excel, can be tedious and time-consuming. Expedite your entire risk management processes and eliminate your team’s learning curve while ensuring that your risk management program meets its objectives.

If you're ready to revolutionize your risk management without breaking the bank, look no further. Our cost-effective system fulfills your basic needs at a fraction of the annual cost of a dedicated risk team. Take the first step by requesting a complimentary on-site demo today.

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