Credit Risk Management

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Credit risk management is understood as the process of identifying and analyzing risk factors, measuring the level of risk, thereby selecting measures to manage credit activities to limit and eliminate risks in the credit process.

Credit Risk Assessment

This course provides you with competent strategies and techniques for effective credit risk management. Starting with an analysis of the credit risk counterparty and transaction-based models, it covers other models for evaluating a portfolio of counterparties. You will also learn credit rating systems as well study portfolios of counterparties and portfolio optimization and performance. MIRAR's Credit Risk Management training provides you an in-depth understanding into credit risk mitigation for qualitative assessment and quantitative analysis techniques to evaluate business performance.

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We aim to make risk and resilience-type training affordable to everyone.


Foundation class for MIRAR's Certified Associate in Financial Risk Management

Practitioner's Focus

Training conducted with on-the-job perspective in mind.

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Learning Objectives

This course will prepare you to:


The overall objective of this credit risk management course is to equip delegates to conduct credit risk analysis and management using a structured approach.


Delegates will learn to combine and apply qualitative assessment and quantitative analysis techniques to evaluate credit risk profiles of a portfolio or single individual..