Fundamentals in Power BI

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Participants will learn about desktop layouts, BI reports, dashboards, and functionalitiesin the Power BI basic course.

A business analytics application called Power BI assists analysts in creating dashboards and reports using interactive visuals.

Participants can learn how to use Power BI tools to analyze data, build datasets, and more with the aid of this introductory course.

Power BI transforms the data from your company into beautiful visualizations that you can collect and organize to better focus on what's important to you.

Course Objective

The objective of this 2-day corporate training is to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Power BI, a powerful business intelligence tool.

Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to create interactive reports and dashboards, analyze data, and make data-driven decisions using Power BI.

Learning Outcome

Upon completion, participants will able to create and deliver engaging dashboards that convey the key points of message through the use of text, graphics and animations:

  • Understand self-service Business Intelligence
  • Build informative dashboards
  • Create many different visualizations
  • Run “Quick Insights” on a dashboard
  • Create interactive visuals
  • Design Mobile friendly Dashboard
  • Build a data model
  • Expand Datasets
Course Content
Day 1

Module 1: Power BI Desktop

  • Getting started
  • Connecting to data
  • Using Power Query Editor
  • Data types
  • Renaming columns and queries
  • Navigating the main Power BI
  • Desktop window
  • The data model
  • Create and delete relationships
  • Modify data formats

Module 2: Data Normalization

  • Normalizing a dataset
  • Under Excel Format for import data to PowerBI
  • Connecting to data sources (Excel, database, web services)

Module 3: Visualizations

  • Overview of visualizations
  • Create a column or bar chart
  • Basic formatting of visualizations
  • Focus mode
  • Create a line chart
  • Create a card visualization
  • Create a gauge visualization
  • Create a table visualization
  • Create a matrix visualization

Module 4: Working with Filters

  • Slicers
  • Slicers and the data model
  • The Filters pane
  • Visual filters
  • Creating a Top N filter
  • Filter an entire page
  • Filter an entire report

Day 2

Module 5: Spatial Visuals

  • Create a map visualization
  • Create a filled map

Module 6: Create Dashboards

  • Reports to dashboards
  • Create a new dashboard
  • Pin visualizations from other pages and reports
  • Pin an entire report page
  • Quick Insights
  • Related Insights
  • Other tiles
  • Add an image to a dashboard
  • Add web content to dashboard
  • Add video to a dashboard
  • Add a text box to a dashboard

Module 7: Working with Dashboards

  • Renaming dashboards
  • Dashboard actions
  • Duplicate a dashboard
  • Refresh dashboard tiles
  • Performance inspector
  • Settings
  • Dashboard themes
  • Arrange a dashboard for mobile use
Course Details

Fundamentals in Power BI (Beginner Level)

Type of Course

Technical Course


2 days / 16 hours