Women's Ultimate Self-Defence

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The training module will introduce personal safety awareness, self-defence and offence techniques. It is to promote safe living within the city community, proper mindset to resist change in behaviour and attitudes for survival in the urban jungle.

Course Objective

The training module is to familiarize participants with personal safety awareness techniques and life-saving skills in handling daily untoward and unexpected situations. It will introduce basic ideas,strategies and practical solutions to manage the ever-changing and challenging city living conditions, as well as how to prevent and survive from being a victim of physical assault. This training is designed as a last line of defence, which is employing counter-attack methods to flee from danger during a life-threatening situation based on "Prevention is Better than Cure" concept.

Learning Outcome
  • Identify Potential Risks & Threats
  • Practice Situational Awareness in Public Areas
  • Manage Stressful Situations
  • Improve Focus & Concentration
  • Respond to Life Threatening Situations
  • Learn Effective Counter-Attack Techniques
  • Demonstrate New Skills
Course Content

Module 1 - Theory

  • Introduction to Personal Safety & Self Survival
  • Victims of Opportunity
  • Popular Crimes on Women
    • Lift Terrorists
    • Handling Aggressors
    • Managing Road Bullies
    • Surviving Rape
  • Prevent, Defend & Survive concept

Module 2 - Demo

  • Turning Victims into Victors
  • The Best Martial Arts in the World
  • The Golden Rule

Module 3 - Practical

  • Types of Attacks & Escape Techniques
  • Unarmed Attacks
    • Neck Chokes
    • Choke Holds with Hand Locks
    • Single Hand Wrist Grip
    • Double Hand Wrist Grip
    • Bear Hug Arm Wrap
    • Hair Pull
    • Substance Attack
  • Armed Attacks
    • Short weapon
    • Long weapon
  • Converting personal items into Weapons
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Women's Ultimate Self-Defence


1 day

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