Real-world Experiences to Job Placement

MIRAR is committed to connecting motivated and eager student talent with leading companies, both big and small. We believe in developing leadership and provide meaningful mentorship experiences to ensure students are ready to meet today’s workforce needs and are primed to become its future captains. MIRAR contributes to any academic programs by layering in a strong vision for careers after graduates leaves their alma mater. We connect and offer internship opportunities and exposure to a variety of career paths.

LinkedIn Resume Building and Career Guidance

Through MIRAR, students and graduates are welcome to visit with our staff at anytime to receive one-on-one coaching on resume formatting, interview skills, development and use of a professional LinkedIn profile, cover letter writing and guidance on their career exploration. From there, we are able to connect students with opportunities that fit their specific interests and provide them with ways to gain the skills and experiences necessary to move in the direction they choose.

Internship and Career Placement Support

MIRAR, in conjunction with various faculties, supports graduates in their learning outside of the classroom through internship placement assistance. While we do not put students directly into internships, as most have a competitive application process, we do provide guidance and support students in creating competitive applications should they seek the assistance. Student interns come away from the experience with tangible skills, professional references, and sometimes job offers post graduation.